Jessica Delacruz

Fall into Wonderland...


Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is teaching students vocal technique while having an appreciation for all styles of vocal music. My goals as a teacher includes helping young students prepare for college music departments, competitions, musical groups or any other music programs. I find it very important that music theory is to be taught as well to develop an independent music student.

Studio Policies

In these lessons we will develop a student’s:

  • Music Theory: reading music and understanding how music is written and played.  This includes learning about rhythm, notation, harmonization, etc. 
  • Technique: learning how the voice works, extending singing range, improving vocal production, and applying all technique into singing.
  • Music Literature: expanding a student’s repertoire in learning songs from different genres to mold the student into a well-rounded musician. 

Required Materials

  • Music books/sheet music assigned to work on in the lessons, which will be decided between the student and myself.  As a teacher, I make the final decision if a repertoire is appropriate for a student at the time.
  • A Notebook to write down assignments for practice outside of lessons
  • A recording device: to record lessons to hear and remember techniques 
  • Any other teacher recommended materials that may apply.


Having a regular lesson attendance is essential for a musician’s growth and success. These weekly lessons gradually develop the student’s musicianship skills, regularly enforce correct technique, keep concepts fresh in their minds and hold student accountable for their practice habits.  I understand that circumstances do happen, which affect attendance, so I will accommodate to your individual needs.

  • If there is any reason a student cannot have a lesson, please contact me at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson.  
  • If a student is ill, please notify me as soon as possible. If it is contagious please DO NOT send a student to a lesson.  Health is very important in singing and the student will not benefit a lesson completely if they are unwell.
  • If you need to reschedule a lesson, please contact me directly to prevent miscommunication. 
  • If a student attends a lesson late, I will start when the student arrives and conclude the lesson as scheduled.
  • If the student does not show for their lesson, the lesson will still be charged.

            I strive for my students to be successful in my lessons, but because I am also an active musician, there will be times where there are conflicts.  As a musician, I may be required to travel, attend rehearsal, perform in concerts or attend workshops for professional development.  These events are a vital part of my occupation, as they help me grow as musician, therefore enables me to better instruct my students.  I try to schedule these events around my lessons so that they do not interfere with them.  If there is an event that conflicts with our regular lesson time, I will notify you as soon as I am aware of the situation and we will reschedule the lesson.   

Practice and Homework:

            It is imperative that a student practices outside of lessons.   Practicing develops a student’s musicianship skills and enhancing concepts that are reviewed in lessons.  On top of all that, practicing helps a student progress in their lessons by layering on top of what has already been learned.  I will individually give each student their practice expectations according to their needs for success.  In their notebook, I will write down what I want a student to focus on while practicing. 

            I will also be giving assignments that relate to the material being covered in lessons.  These assignments are just as important as practicing. These assignments could involve worksheets or performance attendance that gives a student a great example of a professional musical performance. 


As we progress in our lessons, I will be giving short quizzes to make sure a student is learning the important points covered and is on the right track. These quizzes show me what material needs to be more focused on to improve a student’s music education.


  • Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month.


I am very excited to begin the lessons and if you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact me to discuss them.  These policies could change at anytime at my discretion.   If there is indeed an adjustment to these policies, parents and students will be notified.

Here is a video of myself singing an Aria from L'amico Fritz: