Jessica Delacruz

Fall into Wonderland...


About jessica.


     Raised in sunny Orlando Florida, Jessica Delacruz is a singer songwriter who’s music consists of various styles including R&B, Soul, Rock, and Pop.  She studied Classical Music and Opera at University of Central Florida where she was trained to learn vocal technique, sing in different languages, and music theory.  The training was rigid and demanding, but she enjoyed the experience, fell in love with classical music and was able to travel to Italy for the summer to sing and learn more about Italian Opera. After studying in Music, she felt a pull to create music and to sing to express her personal emotions.  She admires musicians like Lauryn Hill, Marina and the Diamonds, Janet Jackson, and Florence + the Machine for their freedom of expression and their focus on telling their story not only through lyrics and melody, but in the instrumentation as well.  She tries to follow their example and is currently working on her Alice in Wonderland themed music.  Each song uses famous characters and scenes to tell a story that occurred in her life in a way that is relatable to the audience.

     Jessica Delacruz has a side project called Women Musicians of Orlando to increase women representation in the music industry. She does this by strengthening the women musicians’ community in the Orlando area through her Facebook page, Women Musicians of Orlando ( The page features interviews, music videos, and event listings promoting women musicians of the greater Orlando area.